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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Animation promotional videos are being widely used for promotion & advertising.

Over the past few years, animation videos have risen to become one of the go-to tools for advertisers and promoters. Animations are now widely used for explainer videos, information dispersal videos, and advertisement videos. But how effective can an animation video be for an organisation? Is it just an easy way out, given that one doesn't need to organise hefty filming sessions? Or are there any serious advantages using animations for communication?

First things first, promotional animation videos can broadly be categorised into-

  • Character-based animations

  • Icons-based animations

  • 3D model-based animations

Three types of promotional animation videos are character based animations, icons based animations, and 3D model based animations.

So back to the main questions, do animation promotional videos have any merit over traditional promotional videos? The short answer, as you might have guessed, is yes. Although, both styles of the video have their own place in the bigger domain of advertising, there are reasons that sometimes make animation promotional videos more desirable. Here are four-

Stronger branding

With complete control on the the aesthetics, branding can be embedded more strongly into animation videos than traditional videos. It is not just limited to intro & outro logos, but is ingrained into the entire length of the video by the use of specific colours, shapes, and styles.

Less hassle

Filming is fun! But let's face it, filming sessions do sometimes turn into project management nightmares. With no need for on-site filming, animation promotional videos are completely done inside a studio, and hence makes life a little easier.

Fun perception

A lot of us have grown up watching cartoons as children, which has instilled a perception in our minds that relates animation to fun. This makes us be a bit more receptive of animated content when it appears in our social media feeds.

Cost control

Traditional video production has a lot of subjective components that can change on the go, like weather for an outdoor shoot, non-availability of someone to be filmed, equipment malfunction etc. Some of these factors can affect the cost of the project as well. With animations, one can be in a better control of the overall costs of the project as there aren't many component that are beyond control.

If you're considering a promotional animation video for your organisation, we hope that this blog was of some help to you. Also, should you need any further advice about animated promotional videos, please drop us a line, and we'd be more than happy to talk and help you in any capacity you require.

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