DocYOUmentary specialise in creating social media content that connect you with your target audiences, in an appropriate, consistent and engaging way.

We call it ‘storytelling’ and achieve successful interaction through a mix of core brand messages, interpreted through images, animations, or videos.

The net effect is a coordinated and visually stunning social media campaign; one that successfully demonstrates your brand values and the key benefits of working with your organisation.












Standalone visual content

  • Animated explainer videos
    An animation video can tell a story in a simple yet persuasive way. We are a one-stop service from scripting and production, through to music and professional voiceover.
  • 360° imagery
    A 360° image tour of your building, showroom, or production facility can prove to be a persuasive traffic-driver. We can even help you with getting your 360° virtual tour on Google’s street view. Bottom-line- Our service, just like your imagery, is truly 360°.
  • Photography
    A good four hour session with a professional photographer can provide you with a month's worth of social media content. Twice as many people engage with social media when professional photography or video content is used.
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Standalone visual content Cont.

  • Video editing
    If you have existing video footage that is still appropriate, and/or your staff have captured some great clips on their mobile phones, send them to us and we'll stitch together a stunning piece of social media content.
  • Facebook/Instagram ads
    Whether they are a multi-image carousel ads, or an animated video ad using a mix of images or animation. We will create social media ads that engage.
  • Live streaming events
    Organising an event can be a costly and time consuming. So why not maximise your return on investment by live streaming it professionally on Facebook, Periscope or YouTube. And you'll have a video of the event as an added bonus!

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Running a campaign- promotional or public information- can require a lot of social media effort in terms of branded posts with a right mix of images, gifs, and videos.

In addition to help you ascertain the right mix and content ready-to-post, our creative inputs will shorten the process.

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Product launch

When building up to a launch for a product, service, website, or an app; social media, if used correctly, can significantly increase your reach.

At docYOUmentary we can deliver just the right mix of content in the run-up. This could include animated gifs, quoted images, a behind the scenes video, and much more.

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Brand narrative

To be successful, your company's brand narrative on social media needs to be on-going. It's perpetual storytelling. Posts- images and videos- need to be consistent with the central storyline and appearance.

We can provide you with packages of visual content that will help you tell your story on social media for a month or a year.

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Event promotion

Organising an event soon and thinking of promoting it through social media. We can help you get it right.

From the first screamer image, the on-going playful reminders gifs, and the final countdown images, we'll have you covered for everything you'll need to succeed.

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Vertical stories

Docyoumentary will build eye-catching vertical stories for your Instagram and Facebook pages, which will fully reflect your brand, and will make a powerful connection with your key target audience.

Our hottest selling vertical stories are quick and snappy 15-second videos. These videos are a combination of your existing content and stock images/videos, quality edited to get the message across within the short time frame.

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