Humans connect with each other via stories. Even in our day to day life, we unknowingly tell stories to people around us. Through the behind-the-scenes documentaries, we want to leverage on the personal stories that build a brand or a company. The documentary in turn acts as an advertisement video that connects the brand with it’s audience on a more humane level.

We believe that any company or brand, in order to connect with it’s audience at a higher level, needs to convey it’s story more than anything. All stories are interesting, but they need a creative storytelling technique in action to make the best impact. And that’s where we come in. With the wealth of experience working with brands such as NHS, Royal Air Force etc., we can provide that right mix of intriguing storytelling, beautiful visuals, and an encompassing call to action.

Craig and I, both graduates from Newcastle University in Creative Writing and Film Studies respectively, have been in the film production business for more than three years now, and we’ve filmed across the country for various organisations and institutions.

The product in the offering, doesn’t just include the production of the video, but it spans through the value-production cycle of an advertisement video. After the video is produced, we write up some blogposts and press releases to follow it up, in order to get the video out to as many people as possible. We are interested in creating the actual value for our clients, so that they clearly understand that if they’ve invested x amount of money in getting a documentary, they’ve reached y number of prospective client/customer, which in turn transforms into z amount of money in sales. And all this is included in the package we offer, which is more affordable than you’d imagine.”

Making a documentary is an inclusive process, where you involve your employees and if possible even a happy customer or two. And then those people who’re in the video then share it on their own social media channels, adding on to the extensive reach we help the video gain through our efforts. And all this is without yet spending any money on the inorganic reach through Facebook/Linkedin ads.
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