Inspired by stories.

Promotional Films

Corporate & Business

We fundamentally believe that stories have the power to move. Whether the story is inspired by a product launch or an exposition of your company culture, we believe that in every brand, every product or service there is a great story. Combined with a wealth of experience in dealing with wide variety of corporate and traditional businesse clients, we understand your needs inherently and our ambitious analytical approach means we are driven by results to ensure that your project engages and creates a lasting impressions with your target audience.See Examples Here

Large and Public Organisations

A docYOUmentary video marketing campaign lets you speak through the people closest to your brand - your employees. Nothing inspires confidence in an audience more than seeing the faces of those who made it happen and hearing them talk with passion and enthusiasm about the hard work they’ve so lovingly given. See Examples Here

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions can benefit from a style combining commercial video techniques with a documentary approach. For us, storytelling is everything. A docYOUmentary video campaign, showcasing the best of your students and staff can provide that final bit of assurance that your clientele is looking for.

With our experience working with various prestigious Universities and other corporate clients, we can provide you with something that'll complement your website and social media pages, something stylish but still within your brand guidelines. See Examples Here


Organising an event? We can record it for you from a single or multiple camera angles in High-Definition video and audio. Events are a great opportunity to create content. Think interviews with speakers and presenters, or bite-sized snippets from the show, or even testimonials from the participants. The content created here can keep your social media content stream active for months. See Examples Here


What better way to promote the event then to get a trailer ready. Get some sound bytes, venue visuals, graphic texts stitched together to let your audience know what’s in store for them in the upcoming event. See Examples Here


Slightly different from a trailer in a way that you don’t give away the full picture. You keep them anticipating. Works best if you’re planning to throw some surprises at the event. See Examples Here

Live Broadcast

With Facebook Live becoming bigger with every passing day, would you really like to let go the opportunity to give out a live feed of your event. Even better do it for two or three different platforms- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram- whichever your go-to platform(s) is/are.



If you are big on Facebook advertising, then as you might already know; adding subtitles to your video will increase your Click Through Rates considerably. Give your audience both the options- read or listen.


Why not get some pictures taken while we film. We endeavour to deliver the photos within 48 hour timelines so that it not only means more content for your social media, but also a great way to let your audience know in advance, that an amazing video is on its way. Nice way to generate some anticipation.

Square Videos

Mobiles now account for more than 60% of internet usage. It is the right time to up your mobile social media game. Optimise your video's visibility on mobile devices using square videos. They can help you acquire more social media real estate on mobile phones.

360° video

The rise of 360° support via Google, Facebook and YouTube- we can produce a series of Google Indoor ‘Street view’ walk throughs. This is a great way to show your clients around your premises with amazingly little effort. While also increasing your social media engagement and Website SEO in the process.


We have developed unparalled working relationships with some of the biggest employers from the region. Our clients swear by our commitment towards creating quality video content.

  • NHS
  • Royal air force
  • BBC
  • Independent events