The north-east of England, over the last few years, has been a hotbed of new startups and businesses. Every business- small or big- needs a video in 2017. And along comes another expense in your marketing strategy. So how much would it be- £500 or £5000. It is difficult to gauge the prices if you aren’t into video production yourself. And that makes it difficult to plan it advance.

Most of the video production companies in the region price their services based on per day (or per half day) of work. The most basic units of work involved in video production is Filming and Editing.

Filming time is self-evident, and is normally calculated depending on number of camerapersons needed and for how long. The editing time by the rule of thumb is twice the time it takes to film; but it varies depending on the complexity of the final edit/video(s) required.

There could be pre-production involved if you’d like creative professionals to come up with an idea proposal. Apart from that there are several add-ons that are accounted for- like if you’d like to get an on-location green screen, or an on-location teleprompter.

An average promotional video with above accounts cost anything between £1000 to £1500.

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