That’s a question bouncing around in the heads of many people organising events these days. The answer is simple- Yes, film. And we’re not saying it just because we’re a film production company. Alright, to be 100% honest, that is a part of the reason, but there are bigger and more important reasons to film an event. Going by the research estimates, 74% of the content to be created in 2017 will be video. This makes it even more pertinent for an organisation to create more and more quality video content. Filming an event will just do that for you, and it could be more economical than you expect, with the ROI being massive.

Coming straight to the point, at docYOUmentary we film a day long event for £950 and that includes-

  • A two camera setup
  • A highlight video of the event
  • Individual Presentations/talks
  • 4-5 vox pop styled interviews with the key people.

Have a look at some of the examples of our work here.

There are additional aspects of event filming, add-ons if you will, which can cater to your specific requirements.

  • Trailer
    What better way to promote the event then to get a trailer ready. Get some sound bytes, venue visuals, graphic texts stitched together to let your audience know what’s in store for them in the upcoming event.


  • Teaser
    Slightly different from a trailer in a way that you don’t give away the full picture. You keep them anticipating. Works best if you’re planning to throw some surprises at the event.


  • Interviews
    Why not  plan a few proper interviews post-event. When you’ve already got some important names to a venue, make the most of it. Individual interviews can bring a lot of traction to your social media, especially if the people being interviewed have a good following of their own.


  • Live Broadcast
    With Facebook Live becoming bigger with every passing day, would you really like the opportunity to give out a live feed of you event. Even better do it for two or three different platforms- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.. whatever’s your g0-to platform is.


  • ‘Making of’ video
    If your event is something which was hard to put together, and you pulled it against all the odds, why not get a behind the scenes video of the event. Let your audience know what went behind organising that event.


  • 360 degrees
    Jump on the 360 degree bandwagon, and film or photograph your events in 360 degree. And if used with some creative input, and edited nicely, a 360 degree video can be a real hit on social media.

For further information, write us at, or give us a quick call at 07703327088. We are based in Newcastle City Centre.


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