Step 1
We’ll come over to your workplace for a casual meeting. We’ll talk about what’s behind your brand, what makes you YOU? The personal stories, the anecdotes, we’ll talk about them all. We’ll also discuss about your product or service, and how it’s integral to your story.

Step 2
We’ll create a storyline in the shape of a script outline, and send it over to you for approval or any possible changes. The script then will be circulated among the interviewees and other stakeholders. We’ll then decide on and pin the filming days into our calendars.

Step 3
Filming will be done on location for up to 2 full days. We’ll get the interviews done against the most appealing backgrounds, we’ll take the miscellaneous shots around your workplace, the beautiful close up of the the coffee being poured, of the product being made or the preparation for the service to be delivered.

Step 4
We’ll get into the editing suite, and start carving the video footage into a beautiful documentary following the path of the initial storyline. The drafts will then be bounced to and fro between you and us for any reviews or changes. The final video will then be handed to you in the full HD format.

Step 5
We’ll follow the video up by creating a promotional strategy for the documentary. It’ll encompass the platforms the video will go on, ways to maximise the organic traffic etc. A blogpost and a press release will be created by our creative writers to further enhance the exposure of the documentary and in turn of your brand.

Step 6
The analytics data from various platforms will then be collected at an interval of a week, a month, and three months, to make sure that the video is reaching a good number of people across the social networks. The data will help us to make any required amends to the promotional strategy.

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